Kakeru Hayakawa
Kakeru Hayakawa Anime
Kanji 早川 駆流
Romanji Hayakawa Kakeru
Age 17
Gender Male
Personal Status
School Toumei High School
Occupation High School Student
First appearance
Anime Debut Episode 4
Seiyū Yūki Kaji

Kakeru Hayakawa (早川 駆流 Hayakawa Kakeru) is a classmate of Yamato and Mei. He sleeps around with many different girls just to feel as "popular" as Yamato, but still hasn't achieved this goal. His childhood friend, Chiharu, is one of the few people who treat him as a friend and not as a lover.

Appearance Edit

Kakeru has hazelnut brown hair reaching his neck in even bangs. He is considered 'Handsome'.




Kakeru is first seen inviting Yamoto and Mei for lunch in a cafe. Later he is seen with a girl near a love hotel intending to sleep with her. But the girl leaves him as she receives a call from her boyfriend.

He later goes to a cafe with Yamato and Mei. After Yamato goes outside the cafe to receive a call, Kakeru tries flirting with Mei. Mei tells him she does not wish to be friends with people like him and leaves the cafe. Yamato later questions Kakeru on Mei's whereabouts. Kakeru gives him a cocky answer resulting in Yamato punching him.

Kakeru is later seen with Aiko talking about mei and Yamato's relationship. He insults her and calls her a 'cow' and comments about the scars left on her body by her extreme dieting. Unknown to them Mei is eavesdropping on them. She comes out and insults Kakeru for his slurping habit while eating. He storms off after hearing it.

Much time later, when Yamato got sick he contacted him and informed that he now has been dating a girl. He marked that he won't toy her just like what he had did with other girls and that he had to pick her up after she finished her part-time job at Bakery Farm. This made Yamato mistook Chiharu Ogawa for Mei.


He is currently in a relationship with one of his childhood friends, Chiharu Ogawa.