Masashi Tachikawa
Masashi Tachikawa Anime
Kanji 立川 雅司
Romanji Tachikawa Masashi
Age 17
Gender Male
First appearance
Anime Debut Episode 3
Seiyū Junji Majima

Masashi Tachikawa (立川 雅司, Tachikawa Masashi) is Aiko's lover and the only one she can show her "entire" body to without feeling insecure. He's liked her ever since she was chubby and even after she started her extreme dieting which resulted in her to having stretch marks on her stomach.

Appearance Edit

Masashi has chestnut brown hair, which is slightly messy going in every direction. He had brown eyes and is quite tall.


Masashi is a nice person who is caring towards Aiko and is her lover. He liked Aiko even when she was chubby and even with the scars and marks on her stomach after her extreme dieting. He fights for her love even when he knows she loves Yamato but then they start to go out.



Relationships Edit

Aiko MutōEdit

They are mutual lovers, and are currently dating.