Mrs Tachibana
Gender Female
Personal Status
Relatives Mr Tachibana (Deceased)
Mei Tachibana (Daughter)
First appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 4
Anime Debut Episode 1
Seiyū Mariya Ise

Mrs. Tachibana (夫人橘, Fujin Tachibana) is the mother of Mei Tachibana.


Mrs.Tachibana has a slender body build. She has dark hazel eyes and curly brown hair that reaches just past her shoulders. She is often seen wearing a subtle amount of makeup with casual attire. Indoors, Mrs.Tachibana wears white house slippers.

Personality Edit

Mrs.Tachibana is a kind woman who deeply cares for her daughter, Mei. She wants to help Mei all that she can by supporting her decisions, respecting and understanding the reasons when Mei comes home late, and letting her daughter work. She is quite self-conscious when it comes to her appearance in front of others, shown when she became flustered after noticing that she was not wearing any makeup on her face when meeting Yamato Kurosawa for the first time.