Toumei High School
Kanji 透明 高校
English Toumei High School
Location statistics
Type Education Facilitie
Location Japan
First Appearance
Manga Debute Chapte 1
Anime Debute Episode 1

Toumei High School (透明 高校, Tōmei Kōkō) is the high school where Mei Tachibana, Yamato Kurosawa, Kenji Nakanishi and Asami Oikawa, among others, attend.


At Toumei, students have to wear school uniforms:

Male: Boys have to wear black tailored pants and a white dress shirt with a blue striped tie. Some boys wear different colored cardigans, usually a light yellow one.

Female: Girls wear a white dress shirt with a cardigan and a blue striped tie. They wear black knee-length skirts, but some girl opt to shorten them.